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COVID-19 Safe Measures & What to Expect

If you walk into your dentist’s office and everything looks the same as it did before COVID-19 ... walk away!


We’ve spared no expense on the latest and highest quality equipment to make your visit here a safe one. Our standards have always been extremely high and that remains true during this pandemic and beyond. New protocols, new PPE for staff and new equipment combine to assure our patients that their visit takes place in the safest setting possible.

You will not find many dental offices with all of the extra measures that we have taken in place. We are glad to do so if it means peace of mind and safety for our patients and our staff.

Please read on to learn about the equipment we have put into place for your safety.

Aerosol Management Practices

A erosol generating procedures (use of drills, high-speed water devices, etc) have been an area of concern for health agencies during COVID-19. Our approach to reducing or eliminating aerosol spread is a four-prong approach:

1) ADS Extra Oral Suction units

We'll reduce aerosol spread during certain procedures through the use of ADS Extra Oral Suction units used at the point of care to remove aerosols before they escape.


2) Surgically Clean Air Units

Hospital-grade Surgically Clean Air Units in each operatory. These top-of-the-line hospital grade units are a six-stage filtration system that, based on research, remove 99% of viruses and bacteria from the air and fully recycles the air every 15-30 minutes.


3) Hypochlorous Acid Cold Fogging

Every room is cleaned and disinfected per OSHA, CDC, and MIOSHA standards and then is also treated through fogging with hypochlorous acid (an age-old disinfectant that is 100% safe to humans and yet is 100x more effective than bleach at killing viruses and bacteria!)


4) Dental Dams

Dental Dams block splatter and aerosols. This dental tool has been around for decades and is especially useful during this time.


All of these steps taken, in addition to the stringent sterilization and disinfection techniques that we have used for years, ensure that our patients and employees are kept safe.

You are worth it.

What to Expect: How Will Your Visit Be Different?

Pre Visit Questions / We will ask questions on the phone regarding your health: Have you been exposed to the virus? Are you coughing, vomiting, running a fever or have a sore throat? Have you lost your sense of smell?

Wear a Mask / We'll ask you to wear a mask to enter but don’t worry - if you don’t have one we’ll provide one for you. We’ll ask you those same questions again when we confirm your appointment.

Wait in Your Car / You’ll wait in your car when you arrive for your appointment. Give us a quick call and let us know you’ve arrived and we’ll come get you.

Greetings / We’ll greet you at the door and take a quick, touchless temperature. Many patients like this added peace of mind!

Hand Washing / We'll ask you to wash your hands for 20 seconds before we seat you.

Waiting Room / You’ll be seated in the room that has been disinfected from floor to ceiling before you’ve arrived.

Pre-Rinse / We'll ask you to rinse with a solution shown to kill coronavirus (and many others viruses and bacteria. We know most people don’t have it but it’s an extra layer of protection for all of us.

Eyeglasses / Depending on the procedure, we may ask you to wear a pair of protective eyeglasses.

Air Quality / The air will be as clean as humanly possible in our operatories - if you suffer from allergies you may even notice how much cleaner the air now is - and the 6 stage filtration system in our Jade Units means that viruses and bacteria are continuously being eliminated as well.

Facility / Our facility is approximately 2700 square feet. We have six nearly enclosed treatment operatories. We now see fewer patients and we spread treatment in between operatories as necessary, dependent on treatment.

Children / Bringing your child for a visit? Please let them know before they arrive that you won’t be coming back in the room with them but that you’ll be very close by. If possible, parents can remain in the reception area if we see a young child but that may not always be possible. Your child is safe with our professionals - we promise - and honestly, the majority of children do better when mom, dad or grandma is nearby but out of sight.

Interpreters / If you or your family member requires an interpreter, this person is allowed, masked, into the treatment area only when needed to explain treatment. Patients are brought to the treatment area as soon as they arrive.

Afterward / When you’re done, we’ll ask you to wash your hands again. We’ve all become experts at washing our hands, for sure!

We will look different! / Our front desk staff wears masks as do all our employees. Different levels of masks will be worn by staff for different procedures or types of visits. Don’t let our gowns and masks and goggles fool you - we are the same great doctors, hygienists, assistants, and clerical staff that have had the honor of serving you all along!

Countertops and Surfaces / All countertops and surfaces are wiped down with Cavicide immediately after each patient leaves and left to air dry per label instructions. The restroom facilities, reception, and the front door handle are treated the same way.

General Infection Control / We all wear gloves, protective eyewear, shields and wash our hands constantly. As health care providers, we practice "universal precautions" as we never know who is infected or not. We do this every day for every patient. We are trained yearly in OSHA standards. Our infection control procedures include rules which are reviewed and enforced regarding appropriate use of PPE equipment and work practices.

COVID-19 Dentist FAQs

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Have Other Questions?

If you have additional questions about your dental visit during COVID-19 that were not answered on this page, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer any other questions that you may have.


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